Although many exhibitors allready know our judges Mr. Ray Owen and Mrs Ronnie Burns, we are happy they introduce themselves on this page.

Especially for those exhibitors who have never met them.

Ray Owen


Ray Owen of the Amblegait kennels is delighted and honoured to be judging the Euro Show in Holland. Ray was born and raised less than a kilometre from where the new Olympic stadium now stands in East London. He is a keen sportsman who played football, athletics and cricket on the area of the Olympic park and today enjoys golf. Ray started judging in 1973 and has travelled the world enjoying the company of exhibitors and breeders.

For many years Ray has been the OES breed representative at the Kennel Club, and was a founder member of the East Anglian OES Club of which he is Patron and show manager. For many years from 1978 he was the organiser of the PRO Dogs National Charity- Dog of the Year competition and served on the Council. 25 years ago he was the Exhibition Manager for the OES Club Centenary Show and has held many other positions in the world of dogs. He is the author of two books on the OES and a keen writer for magazines world-wide. He enjoys life with his wife, Angela and her poodle, his twin sons and daughter who has provided three grandchildren. His life-long work and hobby has been graphics and painting in water colours, and he enjoys gardening at his thatched cottage in the Essex countryside; but his first love will always be the OES, and he will be looking for a traditional type with a good coat, sound temperament and a bobtail he would happily take home. Good luck to all the supporters of the Euro Show, and Ray will be wearing his ‘Silver Pin’ with extra pride today. Ray thanks Ronnie Burns for supporting him with her judging qualities.

Ray Owen

Ronnie Burns


My life with Old English Sheepdogs began in 1980 with Purdy, a bitch with much of the famous Rollingsea kennel in her pedigree, followed shortly by Stourvale Firecracker in 1981, he was the beginning of my entrance into the show world. My first judging appointment followed several years later and I was passed to award C.C’s in 1999 – Judging at this level in the UK, Holland and Denmark.
Married to Bob for 52 years we have three sons, six Grandchildren, six Step Grandchildren and four Great Grandchildren. We are originally from the famous city of Liverpool and moved to the beautiful county of Suffolk in 1980. I began serving as a committee member of The East Anglian Old English Sheepdog Club in 1981 – where I am to this day. I have had the pleasure of serving as secretary of this popular and friendly club for over 10 years. During my 33 years in our beloved breed I have been fortunate enough to Breed and show some wonderful dogs, my first litter produced Ch. Bovaron Galloping Gourmet and have gone on to Breed and show 7 Champions. I am currently campaigning my new baby Bovaron Dream the Dream. My very special thanks to Ray for inviting me to be his co-judge at this most prestigious of shows. Truly a great Honour!! A big thank you to the OESCN for allowing me to share this with you all. I look forward to judging your wonderful dogs and hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Ronnie Burns
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