Results from Euro-OES Show

Total amount of entries: 166

Best of Show: Argovian Jump ‘N’Jive at Klit-Ly’s

Best male: Bottom Shaker My Secret
Reserve best male: Sweet Expression’s Meet & Greet

Best bitch: Argovian Jump ‘N’Jive at Klit-Ly’s
Reserve best bitch: Grizzly Dream Blaze Of Glory

Best baby: Pennylane Xcellent Design
Best puppy: Wicked Wisdom’s Key to Success
Best veteran: Aryakas Cosmo Junior

Baby class males (5) Baby class bitches (5)
Puppy class males (6) Puppy class bitches (13)
Junior class males (11) Junior class bitches (14)
Intermediate class males (7) Intermediate class bitches (10)
Veteran class males (2) Veteran class bitches (7)
Open class males (14) Open class bitches (24)
Breeder class males (6) Breeder class bitches (10)
Champion class males (18) Champion class bitches (14)
Couple class (8)
Group class (5)

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