Dinner buffet 10 may 2013

Oxtail soup with mushrooms and a hint of Madeira

Cold dishes
Terrine of pheasant
Marinated salmon
Dutch herring
Prawn salad
Smoked trout
Italian salami varieties, Parma ham, Serrano ham with Tuscan garnish
Smoked ham of venison with red onion compote

Salad buffet
Waldorff salad
Potato salad with crispy bacon lardons
Green salad, tomato and cucumber salad
Crab mayonnaise
Various cold sauces, dressings and herb butter
Selection of Dutch bread

Warm dishes
Blanquette of veal with forest mushrooms and sage
Belgian fishstew with mullet, cod and prawns
Pan-fried filet of salmon with white wine sauce
Spicy American pancakes
Australian rib-eye with shalotte sauce
Chicken saté
Game stew with apple-potato mash
Guinea fowl with Surinam Marsala sauce
Seasonal vegetables, Basmati rice and garlic potatoes

Variety of ice cream gateaux with Dutch fresh fruit
A range of different cakes
Selection of mousses
Presentation of international cheeses

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