The people behind the EURO OES 2013

The board of the OESCN is pleased to organize the EURO OES 2013. We hope to meet you all. I think you will understand that there is much work to do to organizing such a big event. To arrange everything in detail the board has made a shooting script with a tight timeline.

Even before the EURO OES 2012 was organized we had arranged the hotel. The biggest mistake we made was to tell the name of the hotel during the EURO OES 2012. After the EURO OES 2012, exhibitors immediately tried to book a room online and they got the message that the hotel was fully booked. The OESCN has booked the entire hotel for the EURO OES and exhibitors can only book a room by this website. This brought much unrest among the exhibitors and visitors of the EURO OES 2013. Please accept our apologies.

More information about the hotel

Fortunately, the EURO OES is an event that you can arrange for a longer period and where you can meet other passionate oes lovers. The board is very pleased that Charlotte van Wauwe-Calmerman and Elles de Boorder have spontaneously offered to help us. Charlotte makes great cartoons which we are allowed to use on the EURO OES site. She has also very good ideas for the EURO OES weekend itself. Elles is a top craftswoman. She has designed the site and taught us how the content should be completed. Regularly she gave us tips how we could do it better.

After the site is online, we hope that you are as excited as the board of the OESCN for the EURO OES 2013. We are all eager to meet you on 10th and 11th May 2013

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Lizie van Heel


I’m Lizie van Heel and a live in Dronten with my lovely husband Rinus. Dronten is small town in the polder in the middle of the Netherlands.
This year we are marries for 39 years and Rinus never forgot this day !!
Whe have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I have 20 years  Old English. In 1998 I started breeding  with the kennel name “Law of Love “.
At this moment we have  5 oes ( 4 bitches 11, 8, 5.and 4 years old and a little boy 5 month old) .
Where ever in Europe I like to go to dog show. For 5 years I´m the president of the Dutch Old English sheepdog club.

Lizie van Heel

Rosita Guérand


Already in 1970 I wanted an oes. I worked for 40 hours a week, so it was postponed until we bought a house in the country in 1982 and I started working part time. I immediately joined the OESCN and participated in many activities of the Club . Meanwhile, I’m already 25 years regional representative, from 1992 I was treasurer of the OESCN and since a few years I ‘me Secretary of the OESCN. In 1997 I started breeding under the name “Brwyn’s” I like showing but my partner does not like this, so I’m not so fanatical in showing.

Rosita Guérand

Letty van der Pijl


May I introduce myself.
My name is Letty van der Pijl, and I am treasurer of the OESCN, since March 2011.
I have had bobtails since 1989, just one a the time. Our first dog became 13 ½ years of age. I joined the OESCN also in 1989
Our second bobtail is a very happy dog of almost 8 years. When she was a youngster, I went to 2 shows, but as I am working also  weekends, so I don’t  have time to show.

Letty van der Pijl

Sascha van der Steen


My name is Sascha van der Steen. Born in 1978. My parents owned their first OES since 1977 so I grew up with these wonderful dogs.
I’m married to Bas en have two daughters Sophie(4 years) and Meike(3 months). We live with two OES ladies, Femme ( 7 years) and Saar (7 months).
My parents also own 5 OES who we occasionally show.
I love to walk, brush, cuddle them and enjoy their funny actions every day. Just looking to our Saar who has stolen an potato and throws it into the air in the backyard. Never a dull moment here!
We hope to see you next year and have wonderful EURO-Oes show and give you a warm welcome in Holland.

Sascha van der Steen

Miranda Hoksbergen


My name is Miranda Hoksbergen, 41 years old and I live in a small village in the east of Holland, with my husband and 4 kids.
Together we have the Old English Sheepdogkennel Hockesberghe’s Walc. My husband showes, and I take care of everything else (breeding and brushing).
It’s a nice hobby for the both of us. It’s a welcome change in our busy daily life with work and children.
Since this year I’m a member of the Board of the OESCN. And so I help with the organisation of the Euro OES.
I hope we can make a wonderfull show together, with nice weather and the Dutch hospitality.

Miranda Hoksbergen

Anita Akkermans


Hello, my name is Anita Akkermans.
I live in a small and beautiful town in the South-West of the Netherlands. Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed the company of dogs.
In 2008, I got a sweet, enthusiastic bobtail: Oeska.

Oeska’s breeder asked me to participate in shows. So, I am familiar with everything involved in dogshows.

Since March 2012, I have volunteered  for the Old English Sheepdog Club Nederland. I take care of the membership administration, and I also contribute to both the organization of the annual Clubmatch, Jonge Hondendag, the day for pups and young dogs, and the Euro-Oes 2013.

I hope these few days will be memorable and I look forward to them.

Should you run into me, don’t hesitate to stop for a little chat

Anita Akkermans

Charlotte van Wauwe-Calmerman

Cartoons and inspirator Euro OES website

I’m Charlotte, designing a lot of different stuff under the name “Chartoll”. Born in Sweden and living in Belgium since 1996. Autodidact painter, living with my husband Marcel (Selle) our dogs, one very old cat and a few chickens on the countryside. Grow up with dogs (Collies) and have, as adult, had and worked with dogs all my life.

I bought my first OES 1991. We spent a lot of time together on the fields of agility. Today we have three OES brightening our lives, and they give me all needed inspiration for my cartoons and drawings – some to be seen on this website. On the Euro OES I will present a few things like stickers, badges, mugs, mini-boxes and T-shirts – all personal design

Charlotte van Wauwe-Calmerman

Elles de Boorder

Design and development Euro OES website

It was in the summer of 1983 that I had a Bobtail pup in my arms for the first time. I was only child and my parents decided to take an Old English Sheepdog. It was love at first side and since that day I have a great passion for this breed. Almost 30 years later, my life is still accompanied with 2 lovely OES girls. The love for this breed is also the reason that I’ve started a Dutch website for OES lovers, called and my goal is to add all Dutch and Belgium breeded dogs into the OES-Database. At the Euro-OES I am responsible for the online activities like the website and Facebook. I will be there both days and look forward to finally meet so much Facebook friends in real life.

Elles de Boorder
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